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    The word Polydactyl mean "Many or Multi Toes". It is not a defect, it is not caused by inbreeding. There are no documented ill effects of the polydactyl gene in the Maine Coon cat.

    It is a simple genetically inherited autosomal dominant trait of the ZRS cis element of the Pd gene that is not accociated with any other gene. If a cat is a Polydactyl it has a 50/50 chance to pass the gene to his or her offsprig, therefore, you must have a polydactyl parent to have a polydactyl kitten.

    A natural anomaly, in Maine Coon Cats.


    Waneesa is one example of a Polydactyl cat. She has extra toes next to her paw giving the appearance of an extra paw!
    I call this type a Mitten Foot.