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    Kittens are priced at $1500 to $2500 depending on sex and color. Breeding kittens are higher. They will have their vaccinations and will be healthy when you pick up your kitten. You will have your vet check them for health within 72 hours or there is no Guarantee of health. All kittens will be spayed or neurtered when they are of the right age.

    Registration papers will be sent to you after you send proof the kitten has been spayed or neurtered.


    I might sell kittens to other breeders for breeding. If there is a super high quality kitten born and I have a request for one, I will set it aside for the breeder. Not every kitten is breeding quality. But when that special one comes along, it will either go into our program or will be offered for sale. Breeding kittens are not priced as pets!