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  • Berlingo's Ursula

    Berlingo's Ursula, Classic Black Tabby. Big and beautiful. Ursula was imported from Russia. What a treasure.

    She had 5 beautiful kittens this year, that will be available in January. Two back females.Two Silver Tabby Males and one Blue female.

    Wanessa PP From Tassel Magic

    Wanessa, Is our Polydactyl. A beautiful Blue Classic Tabby with the most alluring face! Those ears! we Love this girl very much.

    We adore the Polys! Check out the information page regarding Poludactyls!

  • About Polydactyls
  • Berlingo's Uvaha

    Uvaha, is another Black Classic Tabby. Full sister to Ursula. Not sure we will be breeding her so she might be availabe! She is sweet and loving but prefers to be an only cat!

    Prima Akella Leader

    Prima, is a stunning black Smoke female. Our future star! Black smoke is a rare color, with the Smoke being a Dominate gene. She will poduce Smokes and hopfully Black Smoke like herself.

    Mitis Fere Adi Mayiera

    Adi, is a stunning Silver Tabby. Love this color! Winning Show cat and a baby! Only the best for our Cattery. Bred to our Black Silver Tamerlan the babies will be outstanding.